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Eligibility & Application Process for the Davidson Fellows Scholarship


  • Be 18 years old or younger by the application deadline.
  • Be a U.S. citizen residing in the U.S., a U.S. Permanent Resident residing in the U.S., or stationed overseas due to active U.S. military duty.
  • There is no minimum age requirement.
  • Teams of two are eligible, but both members must meet all requirements.

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: [Insert Date]
  • Awards Reception and Events: September in Washington, D.C. (Travel and lodging provided for winners and one parent/guardian)

Project Criteria:

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship seeks projects that demonstrate significant work with the potential for positive societal impact. This could be:

  • A highly creative use of existing knowledge
  • An impactful new idea
  • An innovative solution with broad implications
  • A significant advancement that can be replicated and built upon
  • An interdisciplinary discovery
  • An exceptional performance
  • Another demonstration of remarkable achievement

Information for Teams:

  • Teams can have a maximum of two members.
  • Both members must be 18 or younger by the application deadline.
  • Both members must attend in-person award events.
  • Scholarship funds will be divided equally between team members.
  • Two nominators are required, just like for solo submissions.

Additional Notes:

  • Projects in the arts (photography, sculpture, film, visual arts, etc.) are not eligible.
  • The Davidson Institute seeks projects that are at or near the college graduate level, demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject matter. This scholarship is not intended for novice-level projects.

For further details and specific requirements for each scholarship category, please refer to the Scholarship Category Requirements section.

For additional questions, you can watch the Frequently Asked Questions video for more information.